5 Effective Ways to Stop Getting Erections Easily

How to stop getting erect so easily

Erection shows you have a healthy blood circulation in the body. It also depends on the level of testosterones in the body. Both these conditions combine in early 20s or in late teen years. This is the period, when both blood circulation and testosterone are at their maximum.

The problem is when there is unintentional erection in public. It is definitely a cause for embarrassment. However, there are easy to implement steps that will help the young male or anyone who faces such problems to control the embarrassment. This problem never lasts long, as a young man becomes mature enough to control thoughts, the situation disappears. Later when it becomes difficult to get the normal erection, doctors prescribe Generic Levitra 40mg to make the things happen.  Consider following steps to see which one helps you to manage the situation better.

Do not let mind come on the subject

Erection is a complex phenomenon as it involves mind, body and emotions. Without the involvement of mind, it is not possible to get an erection. The first effective step is to ensure that your mind is not focused on any thought which can lead to erection. Divert your mind from images or thoughts which you feel are creating embarrassment for you.

Do not remain aloof

It is possible that your mind goes back to the same images, fantasies, and thoughts that are the source of embarrassment to you. To create diversion in thoughts, get engaged in a group of friends. Do not sit alone as you may not let the mind clear of those thoughts.

Sit down calmly

Wait the moment to pass peacefully without adding fuel to it with more such thoughts. Sit at a place, concentrate on breathing, and wait for the erection to die down. It will happen without much effort.

Also cover the site with a jacket, shirt or bag you may be carrying. The erection is not obvious to others, so there is no reason to be concerned as long as it is within your trousers.

Dress properly

Loose trousers, pajamas, or shorts are likely to make things worse with unintentional erection. If you are facing the problem of unintentional bulge, ensure that you have a close fitted garment under trousers, or pants you are wearing.

Hum a song

You do not have to sing loudly in front of the public. It will be obviously more embarrassing. Just hum a song to keep your mind busy and let the situation calm down. The trick works in all situations where you feel tense and close to embarrassment due to an erection.

Avoid situation leading to close physical contact

There are various reasons behind an erection. Physical touch or contact is one of the strongest reasons. It is known as a reflexogenic cause of erection.  If you are vulnerable to such situations, you can avoid them as much as possible.  Related to this aspect of erection are fragrances, sounds, sites, images, or places which create an excitement in you. All these things stimulate the mind and create conditions for an erection.

When doctors prescribe sildenafil citrate 150mg to mature males, they also mention the role of stimulation for desired results. This shows the role of physical stimulation in an erection.

Observe factors behind unwanted bulge

You should know this better than anyone else the external factors that lead to an erection in you. These could be someone you like, an image, sounds, fragrance, etc. Mentally note these factors and try to avoid them or reduce your exposure to them.

The problem of an unintentional erection happens during night as well. It may be due to a dream or high blood circulation in early morning. The best way is to understand that this is normal in growing years to experience such a phenomenon.

Generally there is no need to see a doctor. But if the problem goes to the extent of obsessive behavior, then professional help is needed. It is in the form of counseling sessions.


It is easy to avoid unintentional embarrassment in public by understanding the factors which lead to such a situation. Then try to avoid those factors or eliminate the possibility of coming in touch with them. Observe your thoughts, feelings and images you get, which create such problems. Once you are able to pinpoint them, it becomes easy to control unintentional erection.

Dr. John

Dr. John is a senior doctor and surgeon who has been involved in male urology issues for the last two decades. He has performed several delicate surgeries on prostate cancer and benign prostate enlargement issues. After surgery, Dr. John designed rehabilitation programs based on individual patient needs to help them get back to normal routine in the shortened period of time. Some males faced erection issues after full recovery from the surgery. After comprehensive medical checkup, Dr. John prescribed Generic Cialis 40 mg. According to the doctor generic medicine is as effective as any branded one. Currently, Dr John is guiding the online medical team of The Synergy Companies to expand online medical services.

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