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7 Ways To Pick The Right Cocktail Party Drink

Social gatherings are a great way to meet people and simply have fun. At the same time, there is always possibility of making a fool out of yourself, if not careful. One way to make an impression at any party is by choosing the right cocktail party drink . If you are wondering what should I share with my guests at the next party , here are 7 tips for your help.

1) Let your host guide you through

Are you hosting? The first thing that springs to mind should be what would my guests like ? Then again, do not be intimidated; after all it is one small aspect in two hours of entertainment. Make sure that you know enough about your visitors’ tastes before preparing the drinks – even better if they include some non-alcoholic options that are preferred by some. If uncertain, however, stick with something simple like white wine or beer .

2) Know your guests better

Do not automatically assume you know what they will pick. People have different tastes, after all; age is also a factor which should be considered. Consider anecdotes of past experiences to give yourself an idea of their preference – but do not base the entire conversation on the same topic. After all, it is about making them feel comfortable first! For instance, if they are talking about how much they love craft beers , glance at the offerings readily available and ask for shared glasses. You can then continue to chat while enjoying drinks keeping in mind that you are ‘drinking together’. It is indeed a very subtle way of letting them feel like you are interested.

3) Keep it simple

You can do this by serving a variety of drinks such as flavored soda, juice and water with small snacks to go along the drinks; if the number of guests is small , you could offer refillable glasses. For instance, there is an opportunity for some people to opt for cocktails and others to simply enjoy beer . You can also suggest that they mix fruit juices and soda with ice cubes or serve hot coffee in cold winter months. It works better if your list includes non-alcoholic beverages which may be preferred by pregnant women or minors. There will be no need for additional trips to the kitchen! On the other hand, make sure what you are offering is enough.

4) Mimic the event

If it’s cocktail party, serve cocktails . If you are hosting a graduation function , make sure to keep beers for the boys and wines or juice for the girls. If it is an evening out with coworkers, set up pitchers of beer or wine; this will also help in building rapport among your colleagues by having something in common. Some people prefer drinks with snacks while others go all out; choose accordingly – but remember that you can always cater to everyone if you opt for refillable glasses that would allow guests to enjoy their drink without feeling hurried.

5) Do not buy more than what they can finish

This may sound like common sense, but since there’s no harm in telling you might as well – it is true that some people like to keep a full glass of drink even if they are not planning to drink the entire thing. If there’s space, you could offer alternatives such as vodka or whiskey from the bar cart .

6) Avoid mixed drinks

Mixed drinks can be a complete disaster unless you have experience mixing them yourself. While they may prove to be a big hit with your friends, guests who do not know you very well will simply detest them. If unsure what is available in-house , stick with individual ingredients which will give your visitors options instead of locking them into something they don’t enjoy. You can also check out our article on how to make a good martini .

7) Serve an appetizer that pairs well with beverages

This is a great way to make sure that everyone will enjoy their drink from start to finish. You can always offer some simple finger foods or snacks such as cheese cubes, olives, nuts and fruits – especially if you have people attending the party who are not fond of alcohol . In fact, you could also offer vegetables with dips for guests who simply want to keep it low-key! If unsure what appetizers go well with drinks , consult your local baker or grocer. By keeping the above mentioned points in mind when hosting a cocktail party, you can be sure that everything will fall into place perfectly.

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