Charming Birthstone Colors for Adornment

Birthstones have bond with months of a year. Birthstone Colors awards it value in the market. These stone exist in nature and some are prepared in laboratories. Natural birthstones are known as mineral stones whereas laboratory made stones are named as synthetic stones.  Mineral stones have impurities known as inclusions and blemishes whereas synthetic stones are free from impurities. When the mineral stones are used in various jewelry items, we name them gemstones.

Synthetic gemstones are less prized as compared to the natural stones but artificial birthstones have more luster than the minerals.

Various Birthstone Colors

January Birthstone Color

January Birthstone is Garnet with natural blessed attributes. This stone is found in pure red color. Because of its color and sheen some people think it a Ruby, one of the precious gemstones. It also naturally exists in orange, yellow, purple and vibrant green colors.

February Birthstone Color

In Birthstone Colors series, Amethyst is February Birthstone that in the world in variety of purple quartz and red colors. You can have these Amethysts in every part of the world.

March Birthstone Color

March Birthstone is Aquamarine. You can see this stone in blue, blue to green tones in hexagonal crystalline structure. It is at hardness level of 7.5 to 8 levels.

April Birthstone Color

Diamond is April Birthstone Color. It is the hardest stone in the world. In Birthstone Colors series, it exists in white, pink, yellow, pink, purple, green, orange and black colors. The most prized diamond is colorless or white gemstone. It is at hardness level 10.

May Birthstone Color

May Birthstone is Emerald. It is found in hexagonal structure with 7.5 to 8 hardness level. The stone is always beautiful in deep to medium green and bluish green colors.

June Birthstone Color

June Birthstone is Pearl. It is an organic gemstone. Its sources are oceans, rivers and lakes. These organic stone grows inside the fresh salt water or mollusk. Mollusk has natural ability to secrete nacre. In Birthstone Colors range this gemstone owns the diffused light source colors.

July Birthstone Color

One of the precious birthstones is Ruby, a July birthstone. It is one of the precious stones that are desire of every one to own one’s life. Its color is Red, as sign of passion and love.

August Birthstone Color

August Birthstone is Peridot. It’s other name Leo birthstone. It is one of the prized stone in green tones. The stone has hardness level 6.5 to 7 at Moh Scale of hardness.

September Birthstone Color

The dedicated stone for September is Opal. It has name Libra Birthstone. In Birthstone Colors series, it has white, yellow and orange colors. It has amorphous crystalline structure.

October Birthstone Color

 When we think about Birthstone, names of Opal and Tourmaline arrive in our mind. Tourmaline colors are dynamic. It means that it is a diverse color stone ranging from pink and green to blue and purple.

November Birthstone Color

In classification of Birthstone Topaz shows bond with month of November. You can have it variables color hues like blue, pink, orange and colorless.

December Birthstone Color

December birthstone is Zircon. It is not a precious gemstone but its beauty is matching the precious stone. In Birthstone Colors range, it colorless, yellow golden, red, brown and blue.

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