Users’ tendency to search on the internet for solutions to their malaise and hunt down over-the-counter drugs at online pharmacy India at affordable prices is growing compared to previous years. Precisely because there is everything on the net, it is important to provide good information and at the same time sell the right treatments to avoid risks to people’s well-being.

Need for an online pharmacy

Although 97% of purchases are still made in traditional stores, e-commerce is a constantly growing reality. Specifically, for the health and beauty category, from November 2017 to January 2018 in online pharmacy India, there were 4 million searches on the internet aimed at purchasing, of which 49% related to products to prevent or treat flu.

The data recorded are well aligned with European and global ones. More and more pharmacists are introducing e-commerce on the site of their pharmacy. Suffice it to say that, in just two years, the number of shops authorized by the Ministry of Health for the online sale of medicines has gone from 5 to 629.

Of course, 629 websites authorized to sell drugs and supplements through online pharmacy India are a good number, but this does not mean that the market is saturated and that you cannot begin to evaluate this solution to increase the number of customers of your pharmacy.

Online pharmacy: what can you sell

 Now, it is possible, an online sale of pharmaceutical and para pharmaceutical products. According to the Ministry of Health, the following can now be sold online:

  • Cosmetics;
  • Supplements;
  • Non-Prescription Medicines (Otc, Sop, And Non-Prescription Homeopathic Medicines);
  • Medical Devices.

Furthermore, according to current legislation, one can only make  products online through the website owned by the same pharmacy. Medicines cannot be had.

Using digital media for promotion

By investing in digital marketing tools such as social media, SEO, and advertising, you have all the possibilities to become a real point of reference thanks to your online pharmacy. But now, let’s take a step back and see together what is allowed and what is not in the electronic drug trade.

The way is sold through apps or marketplaces such as Amazon and the like, and online pharmacy India that indicate the most convenient store for a specific product (e.g., Price finder). On the other hand, one can use apps, marketplaces, and comparison sites without personal care product problems.

How to structure an online pharmacy

Precisely because one cannot use third-party websites and apps to sell drugs online, it is necessary to create your well-structured showcase.

We are in a historical moment in which mobile searches have surpassed those from PC or laptop, and for this reason, we need to think from a mobile-friendly perspective. What does this mean? That when we decide to open our online pharmacy in India, we need a responsive website, which can adapt to consultation from any device: PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

The first thing to do is to purchase an eligible domain. To offer a more professional image to your users and for better positioning on search engines, choose the name of your pharmacy (e.g., Once the domain is yours, all you have to do is choose a suitable CMS (Content Management System) for sale.

A CMS is nothing more than a website development platform

WordPress is the most used CMS ever because it is very simple to use and allows non-developers to create a beautiful and functional web showcase. It offers viable customization options through the different templates available.

Warning: inserting a large number of products is not a double-edged sword. E-commerce must always be kept up to date. Unless you foresee the inclusion of a specific person in your pharmacy, it is necessary to deal with it internally, dedicating the required time to ensure that it is always aligned in terms of price offers and much else.

I just created my e-commerce: how can I make myself known?

To make your online pharmacy Indiaknown, you will now have to invest in a multi-channel strategy: you can promote yourself through social media and advertising on the same with Google AdWords. And you will have to work a lot on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) onsite and offsite. In short, you will have to approach the web from a professional perspective and no longer as a simple user.

If he has a good browsing and shopping experience, the user who lands in your online pharmacy will undoubtedly return for further research.

Warning: one cannot directly promote medicines through paid campaigns, so if you want to invest in ADV, we recommend doing it on other products.


Start with social media! It is not true that Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram are time wasters, but they can be important tools for doing business. You can search for social media courses for the best strategy for  that will explain how to use these means to communicate, inform, and promote yourself within a community that you can grow day by day.

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