How to activate Instagram notifications?

Circulation on Instagram is very fast. Millions of messages are published, content is shared or interacts per second. You don’t want to miss out on all these activities, right? Then you only have one thing to do: activate Instagram notifications!

If you don’t know how to do it, we will tell you how to do it in a few easy steps. You can easily do it for both Android and iOS.

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Why should I activate my notifications?

When you receive a new message on Instagram or when one of your friends shares a new image or video, you will need to turn on notifications so that you will be notified immediately. In this way, you will know the social life of your friends and use Instagram more effectively.

If you don’t, using Instagram might sound a bit boring. You must participate in social life, improve your interaction by writing comments on shared content.

Why Instagram Notifications May Not Work

Do not panic. Especially in the Android operating system, sometimes you will not see the notifications on the main screen of your mobile phone. These are the classic Android features. You may experience this problem not only on Instagram but also in other apps. iOS is less prone to problems like this. iOS is better at this and instantly broadcasts notifications (unless you block it).

Top Reasons for Notification Problems

You wanted to activate Instagram notifications but it is not working.

In the Instagram app settings, it may not be enough to allow notifications. Make sure the Instagram app is on the list of allowed apps.

Restart your Instagram application.

Update your application.

Check the version of your operating system. You must use the updated version. If not, please update it.

If these suggestions don’t work, report a problem to Instagram customer service and ask for help.

How to activate notifications for Android and iOS

Let us inform you on how to activate Instagram notifications on your mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems:


Go to Settings.

3. Tap on Notifications.

Tap on it to open the notifications.

Choose the types of notifications you want to receive (DM, Messages, Stories, Comments, Likes, etc.)


Go to Device Settings.

2. Tap on Notifications.

Find the Instagram app.

And tap on “Allow notifications”.

Select the kind of notice.

You can also do it in the settings of the Instagram application.

Configuring the Instagram application settings

Under Push notifications, you will find some options that you can use to customize push notifications. The options are pretty self-explanatory and you should definitely not have a problem while discovering them.

For example, if you want to disable push notifications for likes, comments, or comments on your photos or videos, select Disable on that tab.

You can also stop receiving First Message Notifications and Stories Notification in the First Messages and Stories section.

You can turn on notifications at any time by following the same procedure, but selecting From Everyone or From People I Follow instead of Off.

From your phone (iOS 12)

First, open Settings on your phone

Then tap on “Notifications”

Then select “Instagram”

Activate “Allow notifications” in

Choose whether you want notifications to display on the lock screen, notification center, and banners

You can also set whether you want to see previews all the time when the phone is unlocked, or never.

On Android:

First, open the Android settings.

Then the applications.

Find Instagram and tap on it.

Then click notifications to open the notification settings.

Finally, activate the notification. It should be blue.

Note: If you want to receive Instagram notifications even in “Do not disturb” mode, also toggle the gray “Treat as priority” switch.

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