How to travel like a millionaire (8 ways)

Who wouldn’t want to take a road trip across Western Europe, spend the night at palatial hotels, and dine on gourmet food? Traveling can be expensive. But by traveling like a millionaire you can see the world without spending your life savings. By doing some research up front and following these five money-saving tips, you too could travel like a millionaire…

1. “Planes, Trains & Automobiles”

Take advantage of free stopovers to visit another country along the way

Many airlines offer free stopovers in their international flights for convenience or to break up long journeys into multiple segments. If you were planning on taking an 8 hour flight from New York City (NYC) to London (LON), why not take a 1 hour flight from NYC to Paris (PAR) with a free stopover, and then continue on an 8 hour flight from PAR to LON? In this scenario you would see two countries for the price of one as far as your airline ticket went. Not only that, but you would enjoy the convenience of not having to catch a connecting flight.

2. “Don’t Drink The Water”

Only drink bottled water, preferably Voss or Fiji…it’s more money There isn’t much worse than catching a case of traveler’s diarrhea when you’re abroad. It can cost an arm and a leg trying to treat it so prevention is key. Have your meals catered by restaurants who have been reviewed by reputable sources. Be wary of any street food vendors. Only drink the bottled water they give you in restaurants, or if you are feeling adventurous, buy your own water from a reputable source. Nalgene bottles are your friend!

3. “I suggest an appropriate fee”

If someone invites you to their home for dinner, be sure to offer them something as payment

When traveling abroad many people love the opportunity to share a meal with their foreign hosts and other travelers. It’s a great way to learn about the local culture and cuisine and make new friends through shared experiences. But don’t forget: For every potluck there is a party (who has to clean up). When accepting such invitations, be sure that you bring something to contribute; either an ingredient that can be utilized in the meal, or a monetary gift for their time and effort. Additionally, if someone invites you to their home for dinner, do not forget to offer them at least $20-$30 as payment.

4. “My biggest tip – don’t follow your friends”

You may want to consider traveling alone for some adventures

When planning on taking a trip you might find yourself tempted to go with friends or family because it will cost less than going by yourself. Be wary of this! You could end up with destinations that aren’t exactly what you wanted and spending more money than you normally would have just to keep up with your group’s pace. If you don’t mind spending a little extra cash on convenience, choose an all-inclusive resort package so you don’t have to worry about planning your activities or finding your way around.

5. “Pleeease tip”

Tip well when traveling abroad, you will get better service in the future And if you don’t like tipping then expect poor service at restaurants over seas because tips are included with meals (just like it is here in America). If someone does something nice for you while on vacation try rewarding them with a small monetary gift; no one becomes a waiter/waitress for the money!

6. “Get out of London!”

Visit this fine city only after spending time in more obscure destinations

Visiting London can be expensive, especially since popular attractions like The National Gallery and Madame Tussaud’s can cost upwards of $28 per adult. If you want to visit the city then spend at least a few days exploring other cities in surrounding countries first to get your fill of cheap, local cuisine and authentic culture before visiting the more expensive capital. Nowhere is this more true than London – spend a few days in Edinburgh or Bath for a fraction of the cost!

7. “Eat Baguettes”

You can save hundreds by not eating out every day…eat bread instead While it may seem like a good deal at the time, think twice before accepting offers from food vendors who want to give you free samples on the street. Impromptu banquets from those friendly street vendors might be but they can really add up! Again, always opt for the most expensive option available to avoid any potential financial pitfalls. If you want a sample of food from a street vendor, be sure to take the smallest one they offer and eat it before accepting anything else. Otherwise you could end up with a full stomach and a hefty bill!

8. “Steer clear of those pesky fees”

Be extra careful about hidden fees when traveling abroad A common mistake many people make is assuming that since they are not using American currency then they will not have to pay an exorbitant amount in foreign transaction fees at places like hotels or restaurants by paying with their credit cards. Unfortunately this is not so – these fees can also be attached with currencies besides American dollars so again, keep your eye on the prize and avoid any purchases that might end up costing more than you bargained for.

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