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Since I’ve been in the field of recruitment for more than 15 years, I believe in the importance of technology in recruitment. I have made it my mission to stay informed about the latest developments and technology in recruitment.

This has led me to extensive and continuous research and I have also been involved in the development of software and tools that are specific to this industry.

This brings me to an interesting topic that has been brought up repeatedly in my research and conversations with many recruiters. I’m sure all recruiters have had extensive discussions about this topic and shared their passion for it at one time or another. Technology and the replacement of recruiters!

Some clients and recruiters have told me that they feel our days may be over, because technology such as on-line job boards / portals, both in-house-developed and general, will soon replace us.

These are my thoughts on the issue.

Technology is amazing! Technology is a great tool for recruiters.

My experience has been that if you ignore technology and “Real Recruitmenter”, your business will fail to grow. You will be replaced.

Although technology is not meant to replace recruiters, it can be a powerful tool that assists us, makes us more productive, gives us more reach and makes us more competitive. It is something we should, in fact, welcome as it is welcomed by many other professions and industries. There are many accounting packages that can and often do “replace” accountants in certain areas, but the demand for accountants remains high.

Why are we so insecure regarding our industry?

Although I’m aware that the industry of recruiting has been through a lot, one thing is certain: we are essential. Even if we are told otherwise, we too are always in demand.

Clients have tried their own portals/online databases, only to realize how complicated the recruitment function is. Mostly, their portals lead to more work and less success in recruitment. They get lots of responses from people they don’t know, but they still need management.
They will often return for help, even if it’s with an additional portal.

Recruiters need to get in first. They should use the best technology available to recruiters. Then, they can become experts in recruitment technology and then make their knowledge work for them.

Clients should be encouraged to use technology for recruiting. Your expertise can be used to introduce them to new technologies. Although this may seem like a poor business strategy for those who fear losing their jobs to technology in the future, if you explain to your clients how the right combination of technology and a skilled recruiter will achieve the best results, you can make yourself indispensable to the recruitment process.

This is much better than trying to convince them not to use recruiting technology.

Technology advancements are necessary for the industry and market to thrive. It is impossible to have outdated recruitment processes that are unable to meet the modern market’s human resource needs.

Let’s encourage more innovation by researching and using available technology. Only by using technology can the developers of these tools continue to improve and tailor it to our needs and requirements. We are the experts in recruiting and should be the primary contributor to the operation of these systems.

We will not be replaced by technology if we don’t force it!

I am the managing director of Options

Our specialists range from marketing and finance to audit, engineering and marketing. We also develop technology and tools for recruitment.

We are committed to the development and use of technology in recruitment. We are always looking for ways technology can be applied to our industry to improve performance.

It is an automated product that provides a cost-effective, efficient and economical way to manage job advertisement responses and the screening process. is equally effective for small businesses as it is for large corporations and recruiters in agencies. It’s extremely cost-effective.

It is easy to use by recruiters, but it also provides an abundance of information and statistics.

It’s our technological contribution to the future recruitment!


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