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There are many computer consultants. There are the geeks and the gurus, as well as the evangelists and the tech guys. No matter what their names are, they all offer a different level and type of technical knowledge. Many IT consultants will tell you that they can solve all your problems by asking for money. You can buy new computers, servers, monitors, printers or new servers. But every dollar you spend on IT will reduce your profitability. It is important that you find the right person to meet your needs. A business technology coach is essential if you own a company. They will help you make the best decisions regarding your technology.

Computer consultants are usually interested only in your computers. A computer consultant is usually only interested in fixing your computers. He may not be able to provide additional services that will help you maximize your investment in information technology. A computer expert is helpful when your printer stops working or the computer crashes. But a business technology coach will offer much more value. While large corporations may hire a Chief information officer to perform this role, a small or mid-sized company might not require that level of support. A business technology coach can help you in these situations.

Any technology that is used to support business needs, such as accounting and networking, is called Business Technology. A suite of office productivity software (e.g. Microsoft Office) is considered business technology. The Microsoft Xbox, on the other hand, is not considered business technology. Recognizing that technology can have a direct impact on business, there is a growing gap between the use of recreational gadgets and the value of technology that has direct benefits for businesses, a new way to look at the direct value of technology has been developed. Technology must be a benefit to your business or it will just be a waste. There are many options available, each with its own learning curves and philosophies. Most of the time, you accept the package that came with your computer and make do. You may fall for the charms of a salesperson who promises all your prayers but delivers yet another costly nightmare. The next thing you must accept is that not every business technology is beneficial to your business.

Modern business success depends on aligning your business goals and your technology plans. Large multinational corporations have made technology and business alignment a priority. These industrial giants are huge and will do anything to be more flexible and responsive to customers. Small and medium-sized businesses can be agile and responsive. Your top customers will likely know how to reach you at any hour of the day. You don’t have to suffer the same problems as these giant dinosaur companies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from technology / business alignment. Business technology coaches can help you align your business goals and your technology investments.

A business technology coach can also help you understand your business processes. There are no two businesses exactly the same. Your business practices are likely to have evolved organically over time as you face new challenges. But organic growth can lead to substantial inefficiencies, which can have a negative impact on profits. Because the system was not well automated, I have seen companies printing and mailing zero-dollar invoices ($0.00). This is costly and inefficient, but can be easily fixed. These inefficiencies can be identified and corrected by a business technology coach.

The business technology coach will use his knowledge and understanding to help you build competitive advantage. A 2007 IBM study found that a business technology coach should “…engaged to be a strategic partner in process and culture transformation. If you want to be successful, the computer geek who sits alone typing for hours is not the best choice. Business technology coaches must be able to work with others and have advanced communication and social skills in order to make positive changes. You don’t need a computer geek who is unable to communicate ideas or lacks social skills.

A business technology coach also understands his role is to make recommendations. Your coach must present options to you, not ultimatums. There may be rare situations where only one option is available, but I have never seen them. Your business technology coach will give you multiple options to reach your goals. If you are asked, your business coach will present multiple options to help you achieve your goals.

Technology is part of our daily lives. Technology is a fact of life, from cell phones to computers. Companies around the globe are using technology to enhance their business operations, whether it is to increase efficiency or develop new services. Do not trust your technology to anyone who doesn’t know business or how you work. Your success can be made possible by a business technology coach.

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